venerdì 16 novembre 2012

special guest BITE: Claudia

I would like to introduce you to megamegaBITE's second special guest.
She's a really pretty and talented photographer who's also part of a great creative collective group called The Babbionz, go check their web site!
Her name is Claudia and I must say that what really unites us is an absolute love for ice creams ;)

And now… here's her sandwich!

For a SWEET SWEET AUTUMN sandwich you will need:

cornbread with raisin
tofu & cauliflower sauce
grilled pumpkin
grilled zucchini

tofu & cauliflower sauce?
cauliflower + tofu + coriander seed + poppy seeds + pistachios+ oil

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  1. ehi ma non arrivano altre ricettine simpatiche?
    attendo fiduciosa!