giovedì 11 ottobre 2012

special guest BITE: Coki

Hi there!
i'm so glad to let you know that today is the grand opening of a new section of megamegaBITE and it's called "special guest BITE"

In "special guest BITE" I will not be the weekly sandwich maker but megamegaBITE will host a special guest, and i have to say that i'm so so happy that my first guest is who she is :)
I'm talking about Coki, my dear craft friend.
She has a lovely blog and she is one of the 3 founder of Band Loch: an independent project that promotes and celebrates handmade and DIY culture.

And now… here's her sandwich!

For a VISIT GREECE sandwich you will need:

filone bread
feta sauce

feta sauce?
feta cheese + lemon juice + salt + pepper + oil

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